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TheĀ Postgraduate Forum for Southern Africa’s main focus is promoting quality postgraduate education in Southern Africa. We benchmark postgraduate processes and issues and engage with international bodies that promote postgraduate education.

The Postgraduate Forum for Southern Africa was launched in October 2015, at a meeting attended by 26 representatives (mainly directors of Postgraduate schools/centres and research/innovation offices) from 18 South African universities. The meeting took place at the Postgraduate School of the University of the Free State (UFS) in Bloemfontein. Dr Henriƫtte van den Berg, former Director of the UFS Postgraduate School, initiated the establishment of the forum in response to a need for an interest group that can promote and support the work of postgraduate support and development departments at universities in Southern Africa. A steering committee, elected at the inaugural meeting, finalised the constitution of the Forum in 2016. The first executive committee was elected in March 2017. During the past year the membership of the Forum has grown significantly.

First meeting of the Postgraduate Forum for Southern Africa, October 2015: